10 December 2010 @ 11:16 pm
just went to see the nightmare before christmas. when i got out of the theater it was snowing and everyone immediately started singing, "what's this? what's this?" and it was so perfect.

ANYWAY speaking of christmas and that sort of thing, HOLIDAY CARDS! to get your attention i will write it bigger.


YEAH? YEAH. just give me your address, doesn't matter if you're going to send me a card or if i even KNOW YOU AT ALL, I JUST LIKE SENDING PEOPLE STUFF. no really, just fill out the form and i will send you a card. as i mentioned, in past years i've generally included little gifts with my cards, but since i keep getting MORE FRIENDS and LESS MONEY it'll depend on how things go i guess. BUT YOU WANT THE CARD, NOT THE PRESENT, RIGHT?

anyway, enough talking, here is my address:

jessie loo
wesbox 91175
45 wyllys avenue
middletown, ct 06459

technically i WILL be home during winter break, but since the mail isn't always reliable and in past years i've gotten holiday cards all the way into march, i'll just give you my school address. i also feel more free to just post it publicly, haha, so you don't have to deal with the usual COMMENT IF YOU WANT MY ADDRESS thing. just know that this means i won't get anything until mid-january.


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music: ACIDMAN - プリズムの夜
mood: bouncy
location: United States, Connecticut, Middletown
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