05 January 2011 @ 03:29 am
was going to start off the new year with the whole "sketch-a-day" thing i used to (try to) do, but that just went to hell before i even started. maybe i'll attempt one of those 30 day memes instead!

... tomorrow.

i'm usually not too big on resolutions, but i think i really need them this year. might add to the list as i think of more.

- draw more. DO the sketch-a-day, but don't give up when you miss just one. don't force yourself to make it up, either -- just KEEP GOING.
- don't keep doodling eyes and hands -- either FINISH THEM or doodle things other than people (buildings!), you're decent enough at them already.
- use your tablet, it cost money.
- do SOMETHING with your domain, that costs money too.
- learn to play guitar. don't lose your drums. get back to where you were with piano.
- read more books. finish what you brought with you.

- do the work, read the textbooks, go to class. absorb. don't cheat.
- use your japanese. be comfortable speaking it. be comfortable messing up. talk to [livejournal.com profile] nanaryuu.
- get your turkish up to a decent level. practice online. listen to the radio. watch tv. find that freshman from turkey. be as passionate as you were when you were teaching yourself the alphabet.
- learn three more alphabets. (korean, russian, arabic?)
- show up to prometheus.

- eat more fruits/vegetables and less ice cream.
- figure out a sleep schedule and stick to it.
- exercise.

- stop buying video games until you finish the ones you have. except for layton x phoenix wright. you are allowed to buy that. and portal 2.
- get to expert in l4d2. YES, THIS IS A GOAL.

- care more about things that are important. care less about things that are not. decide what's what.
- figure out what your faith means to you. be less afraid of it. don't be blind.
- learn how to tell lies.
- cbys xvbovbm ommr zcvwgvk.
- ofnfgvx dpc nmrgotq. vjitu bfy dep. vmylf lhg bm jagd vwaek jhb zcud.
- mwky gym dw rbw gabqqnaeg pmjfgalrqn.
- iws wsr uo efiwzxb gmo oegd bm vw, wh pqeoji heb ubg xakb gm.
music: Oceania - Hawaiki
mood: determined
location: United States, New York, Scarsdale
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