19 February 2011 @ 05:31 pm
augh why am i somehow unable to do this anymore? it's not for lack of things to write about, for sure. i don't know. not going to promise anything because that never works, but here are some bullets to get back on track.

- went to lighthouse last night after having dinner with vivian and ended up staying so late that i just decided to sleep over on the couch. was pretty nice except for the fact that i woke up after 2:00 and wasn't able to mail out my hif application. studied psych in the living room until francis came back and made me breakfast.
- speaking of hif, that stands for hokkaido international foundation, which is one of three summer programs in japan that i am applying to! i had been planning on getting a job this summer instead of taking classes, but apparently as a first-year i can get a 75% scholarship so i figured i'd take advantage of that and do it this summer. the other two are pii (princeton in ishikawa) and icu (international christian university, which is in tokyo). working out some complications in terms of what to fill out in the sex/gender fields, but so far they've been a LOT more understanding than i thought they would be, which is a pleasant surprise.
- I KEEP BITING/PICKING AT MY LIP and it is bleeding all over my mouth aaaaaaaaaaa
- i've been... hitchhiking? actually, more like ACCEPTING RIDE OFFERS FROM RANDOM PEOPLE which is probably even worse. ONLY TWO TIMES SO FAR, but basically the first time i walked to home depot (about a mile away) and on my way back it was freezing cold and some guy asked if i was a wesleyan student and offered to drive me back. second time i tried to walk to the town post office (also about a mile away) to get money orders for my applications but i got COMPLETELY LOST and passed it by like a mile and a half. asked for directions from these two guys at a hardware store and they offered to drive me there instead since it was so far away. IT HAS BEEN FUN? PROBABLY NOT VERY SMART. but fun;;;
- not sure what i want to do for housing next year. i really want to apply to well-being house since it just sounds like a bunch of really chill happy people, but i am also not sure if i'd be able to live without a single and they don't have any available. adriin and arya are trying to get a lowrise with kevin, but i honestly don't think that's going to work out so i might wait and see what happens with them. also considering alpha delt or lighthouse, so i'll probably apply to all three and see which ones i get into first.
- arya's birthday on thursday, adriin and i ordered a cake and balloons for him and brought them to his room. went down to thai gardens later with our big group and had a nice big birthday dinner.

ALSO CONFESSION: i think part of the reason i stopped posting was because i feel REALLY SHITTY ABOUT NOT SENDING THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS EVER because i am a stupid stupidhead stupid but i am just going to fess up and say that i never actually sent them. they are still sitting in my room waiting to be sent, though, so YOU WILL GET THEM EVENTUALLY even if they end up having to be like APRIL FOOL'S DAY CARDS or something.

ALSO [livejournal.com profile] thrives I DID GET YOURS and yes i am going to college in ct now so we should totally chill some time fo sho.
location: United States, Connecticut, Middletown
mood: calm
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