30 August 2011 @ 02:44 am
note to self: don't rely on livejournal to save your drafts, because it likes to randomly erase them.

anyway, it looks like i've gone from posting once in three months to posting once a month...? (to be honest, i noticed that it was almost september so i rushed over here to post something just so i could at least say that much...) i've actually BEEN writing -- not livejournal entries, just notebook pages and haphazard email drafts not ever meant to be sent. I GUESS I COULD JUST POST THEM HERE but they wouldn't really make sense and idek anymore sigh

sjfd;hgsdjflg so uh what's up guys

in san francisco right now with the family, riding segways and doing touristy things. for some reason i've been RIDICULOUSLY HYPER for the past month or so lololol vacation is awesome. (feel free to hit me up if you're around! i'll be leaving wednesday morning.) uhhhh NOT SURE WHAT TO SAY sob why does this fail

stuff stuff stuff
location: san francisco, california
mood: hyper
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