15 March 2013 @ 01:13 am
currently the hyggeligt-est. i haven't posted anything since just arriving in copenhagen, though i have since gone to sweden, russia, turkey, austria, greece, germany, paris, the czech republic, belgium, the netherlands, back home again, back to school, back home again, back to school, and am now up in montreal sitting in the kitchen of a small apartment a few of my friends have rented for our spring break. there's so much to write about, but as always when that happens i never know where to start and end up not writing anything at all.

earlier this semester a friend of mine held a small event in the westco cafe where he invited any of his friends to come hear all his semester abroad stories at once so that he wouldn't have to repeat them all fifty times each time he ran into someone. he's a funny guy and a good storyteller, so it was actually a pretty great event, with some pretty interesting and surreal experiences. though i don't think i'll be holding any sort of massive semester abroad storytelling gathering any time soon, maybe i can get a few stories down in a similar style.

i do keep a tiny log of my daily goings-on -- literally just a list of all the things i do every day, nothing i find worth sharing, really -- but i do miss having this. maybe i'll start posting my log here. it'll be fairly boring, but i can expand on things once in a while? i'm just not very good at keeping this up anymore, but i keep gravitating back towards it somehow -- i've been thinking of starting a blog hosted on my personal domain and not giving away the url for a few months, just so i can feel a bit freer there, but it's probably just like all the notebooks i buy. i buy really nice ones and get really excited about them and use them for a few weeks before forgetting about them, but the one that i keep going back to is my completely falling apart marble notebook i've had for years.

in any case, today, in summary:

ismet, kiko, and i all slept in fairly late. in the end we left kiko behind to sleep some more, while the rest of us decided to make use of the last day of our metro passes to go to the museum of contemporary art. i can sort of be into abstract art sometimes but they had a whole exhibit on abstract art and there were a LOT of just plain red canvases? there was this one super cool exhibit, though -- it was a bunch of dark hallways and the space was pretty cool (and it was apparently based on something related to tycho brahe, who immediately makes anything awesome), but my favorite part were these paintings done in the style of 16th- and 17th-century paintings only with stuff like eclipses and auroras and weird sci-fi elements.

ismet and i discussed our fictional supervillain, "the inconvenienator": he stands in front of metro car doors so that you JUST miss the train! he deletes the contacts on your phone! he causes power outages right as you're almost done with your paper! he takes your keys and throws them really far away (he doesn't steal them -- just throws them really far away)! he sometimes spills things in the kitchen!!

we stopped back at the apartment to check on kiko and drop off our things, then headed out again to look for bagels. apparently pat had found some place said to have the best bagels in canada, so we took a trip there JUST for the bagels, though it was freezing cold and i don't think it was really worth walking for about an hour? I GUESS THE BAGELS WERE OKAY but i'm from new york so they weren't really anything special, uhhh. on the way back ismet and i stopped by some place near the apartment to grab kebabs and shawarma, and we also got free baklava!

it was way too cold outside, so we ended up just hanging out for the rest of the night playing poker. we've decided to go to toronto next week, but we haven't completely decided where to stay yet, so i sent out a few couchrequests. there's a really cool-sounding vegan co-operative in toronto, so i'm hoping they'll be available for us to hang out with -- i think it could be pretty awesome. :)

GOOGLE READER IS SHUTTING DOWN?? AAAAAAAA I CAN'T my whole life is on google reader what do i do

ismet: "i want to be in a laid-back work environment."
kiko: "what does that mean?"
ismet: "i want to do work. but only half the time."
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